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YEG Textbooks is here to make buying and selling university textbooks in the Edmonton area easier for YOU. We provide a forum to connect you to ALL university students in Edmonton who want to buy and sell books. If you can’t be bothered buying and selling books yourself, we can help! For a small fee we will sell your textbook on consignment or find the used textbook that you need.

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  1. I have several textbooks for the Pre-vet/ Animal Health program at the University of Alberta for sale.
    1) Biology (Bio 107, 108)
    2) Biochemistry (Biochem 200, 210)
    3) Animal Physiology (Zool, and An sc Courses)
    4) Cell Biology (Cell Bio 201)
    5) Nutritional Food Science (NuFs 100)
    6) Inorganic Chemistry (Chem 101, 102)

  2. Selling:
    SOC 100 – “Exploring Sociology”
    ENG 102 – “The Active Reader” & “A Canadian Writer’s Reference”
    ANTH 110 – “Women & Men: Cultural Constructs of Gender”

  3. If you have a pile of textbooks you cannot sell or you’re tired of trying to get rid of them – let YEGTextbooks.com help you sell them! You can post your textbooks buying/selling information yourself on the forum or YEGTextbooks.com can take them on consignment and sell them for you! Ask us today!

  4. Yes! Great idea. Finally someone has set something like this up. It’s frustrating that the book buy back gives you nothing for your book then turns around and charges us so much for it used.

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